Thursday, May 9, 2013

Casual Tech User 2: Avoid Mistakes, Plan Before You Buy New TV

This is the first episode in a series discussing many of the unexpected problems that might develop throughout the process of purchasing a new TV.

In this episode of the Casual Tech User, I begin to discuss how planning can help you avoid unexpected costs.

Taking the time to understand your needs vs. wants and developing criteria any purchase must meet will help to save frustration and unexpected, budget-busting surprises. 

Cost factors included in this episode include:
  • Delivery and setup charges
  • Installation, electrical and cabling charges
  • Furniture issues and added expenses
  • Ambient light problems
  • Recycling the old TV

Here are some links to help you plan your purchase.

CNET TV Buying Guide (October 2012)

Or, search for a specific topic or question. You’ll find plenty of links.


The Flipboard app on my iPad and iPhone is one of my favorites I access almost everyday, if not several times during the day. A new feature is Flipboard magazine. The new magazine feature allows the user to create a content-sharing format which can be private or shared publicly with other readers.

I’m using the Casual Tech User Flipboard magazine I created to collect and share articles of interest for the casual tech consumer. offers insight into the various features.

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