Saturday, April 13, 2013

Casual Tech User 1: Just Getting Started

Casual Tech User 1, Show Notes

This is the first episode of the “Casual Tech User” Podcast, presenting news, tips, tutorials and more for the beginning or intermediate tech consumer.

If you don’t consider yourself a tech “power user” or you occasionally have a question about a problem or how to better utilize the tech you own, the Casual Tech User show is for you.


The Flipboard app on my iPad and iPhone is one of my favorites I access almost everyday, if not several times during the day. A new feature currently available on iOS devices and coming soon to the Android operating system is Flipboard magazine. The new magazine feature allows the user to create a content-sharing format which can be private or shared publicly with other readers.

I’m using the Casual Tech User Flipboard magazine I created to collect and share articles I read of interest for the casual tech consumer. offers insight into the various features.

News Item 1:

Here’s the link to the Consumer post, “5 Tips for cutting your cable bill.”

Consumer 5 tips for cutting your cable bill

Here’s the link to my Snapguide tutorial on how to create and share a link to an app in the iOS App Store for later reference.

Here’s the link to the YouTube video version.

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